About Us

The Singing Group Council is an umbrella organization for a cappella groups, led by a team of dedicated senior Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs work with the Yale administration and SGC affiliated groups to oversee the rush process. Every year the team consists of at least one co-chair from Yale’s all-senior a cappella groups, the Whiffenpoofs and Whim ‘n Rhythm, and two co-chairs who have been members of other SGC affiliated groups.

Woolsey Hall, the location of the Woolsey Jam
Woolsey Hall, the location of the Woolsey Hall Kick-Off Jam
In the spring preceding fall Rush we coordinate with the administration to set the Rush calendar and date for the Woolsey Jam. We revise or amend the Rush rules and meet with representatives of all the groups to discuss any changes and finalize the Rush calendar. During the fall semester, we work to assure that the Rush process runs as smoothly as possible; from emceeing Woolsey and Dwight jams to authorizing the start of tap night, we act as an important resource for group members and rushees through the entirety of Rush.

Later in the academic year we coordinate with the Yale administration for the large music concert during the Bulldog Days Bazaar for pre-freshmen and their families. We also serve as a liaison for the outside world seeking to get in touch with the world of Yale a cappella. We can be contacted at sgcchairlist@mailman.yale.edu.