Rush FAQs

What is a cappella rush?

“Rush” is the name of the audition process for a cappella singing groups at Yale. While called by the same name, the Rush process is different from a sorority or fraternity-style rush. It is usually about a 2 week-long process of auditions, concerts, and meals, culminating in a “tap night,” when the new members of groups are selected. The process is designed to introduce interested singers to the wide spectrum of a cappella singing opportunities at Yale, as well as give more in depth views of each group’s style, repertoire, and personality.

When can I hear the groups sing?

All groups perform at Woolsey and Dwight; each group also has a Singing Dessert between 9/4 and 9/7

When will I sing for the groups?

Auditions are 8/31 – 9/2; groups may also ask to hear you at a callback on 9/8 – 9/9

How do I sign up for auditions?

Audition sign-ups open immediately after the last group finishes singing at Dwight Jam. If you are unable to come to the end of Dwight and sign up in person, you can reach out to each group’s Rush team or email one of the SGC co-chairs (Lauren, Dennis, and Emil) and we’ll put you in contact with the groups to select an audition time.

When can I meet members of the groups?

During the week of 9/3-9/7, groups may schedule “rush meals” with you; that’s a chance to sit down with a few group members and get to know them!  Also, each group will host a party either before or after their Singing Dessert; the whole group will be there to meet you and hang out!  Read on to hear about evening walks, another way you might interact with group members.

What if I can’t read music?

That’s perfectly fine. All groups provide midi files (sound recordings) to accompany sheet music that they pass out. Groups will individually inform you about the location of these sound files.

When is Tap Night?

It’s a secret.  It’ll be sometime the week after callbacks!

When can groups let me know if they want me?

The earliest that a group is allowed to offer you a spot (known as “pre-tapping” you) is 8 am on Monday, 9/10.  Groups can continue pre-tapping up until Tap Night.

How long do I have to decide?

You have until Tap Night to pick a group to join.  However, if you come to a decision sooner, that’s great!  Take that time to get excited about your new group, while other groups can move on and pre-tap other people.

What can I expect between 8 am on 9/10 and Tap Night?

Groups have a few ways of meeting with you during this time to help you make a decision.  One is on rush meals, which you’ll be used to from the week before; the other is known as the “evening walk.”  This is when you and the group set up a time (often in the evening!) to meet somewhere on campus and talk about what it would be like to be a member of that group.

Other than this, expect groups to be pretty hands-off during this time.  You deserve some space to make this important and exciting decision. That said, if and when you have questions about the groups, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and ask!

What should I do if something seems weird?

If at any point in the rush process something feels off, or you become uncomfortable, please reach out to the SGC!  The SGC exists, first and foremost, to keep rushees happy and safe during the rush process.  We’ve been through rush many times, we know all the emotions, and we’re here to help!